Aloecorp It's the world's largest producer and processer of aloe vera ingredients. sustainable agriculture, cutting-edge manufacturing and advanced scientific research make their products some of the purest and most reliable on the market. The rigurous controls and high technology employed in their processes are the base of their quality certifications that include usda-nop and eu organic certifications. It's the only aloe supplier that quantifies and guarantees polysaccharide concentration through an exclusive patented process.
Aprinnova North american company that's revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with sustainable ingredients derived from vegetables with a superior performance and approved by ecocert. They have clients from leading brands that have found in their products, squalane and hemisqualane, a technological and functionally diferentiated alternative for their products.
Clariant Clariant Active Ingredients. Clariant presented in 2017 a new business unit related to cosmetic active ingredients for skin and hair care. Clariant Active Ingredients proposes a wide range of natural active ingredients that respond to the emerging needs of consumers and their habits. The effectiveness of their assets has been cheered in the industry making them creditors of several awards. Beraca is part of Clariant Active Ingredients and they are leading suppliers of raw materials obtained ethically from the amazon rainforest and other brazilian ecosystems. Its portfolio includes oils, butters, clays and other multifunctional ingredients with proven clinical results.
Corum Develops, manufactures and commercializes high technology and innovative actives for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Their portfolio includes anti-age peptides, skin-lightening agents developed with cutting-edge technology and with new acting mechanisms derived from vit-c, anti-acné actives, and other special ingredients both for the skin and hair. Innovation, scientific rigor and the guarantee of quality are the base of their businesses.
KahlWax Leading german company on the production of natural waxes and their derivates of the highest quality. Their constant innovation y optimization provide the clients with waxes and more refined blends that effectively substitute many non-natural ingredients with applications in cosmetics, food and the pharma industry.
Lipoid AG World leader in lecitines and its derivates. Phosphatidylcholines of the highest quality, all kinds of phospholipids and other special lipids for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
Lipoid Kosmetik Leading swiss manufacturing company on the production of vegetable extracts recognized for their exceptional quality and natural phospholipids for the cosmetic and personal care industry. It also specializes on the development of innovative botanical active ingredients. Its portfolio includes a wide range of botanical extracts that meet the highest quality standards, with cosmos, ecoverte and organics certification, cosmetic functional ingredients, and discharge systems based on lecitine and phosphatidylcholine. Other naturals specialties complement its portfolio very well.
Neyber Neyber is a leading colombian company in the development of natural extracts obtained from national biodiversity designed to supply the needs of the cosmetic market. Neyber uses detailed research processes, seeking environmental and social balance, so that a responsible operation with its environment can be ensured. Neyber offers natural ingredients that maintain all the biological activity that fresh plants present with the security that their development and production is nature friendly.
Phoenix North american company oriented towards developing technology and chemical products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries, with a focus on chemical specialties. Personalized synthesis is their major strength. They also have a wide line of emolients and polymers available for the aforementioned industries.
Terramater Brasilian company with more than 50 years of experience in the science of clays. From 2007 onwards they have oriented their research and development towards the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The results from these investigations are multipurpose clays and mineral actives with which the amazing benefits that the minerals from clays provide to the skin and hair are scientifically proven, along with their contribution to the improvement of cosmetic products.
Waliwa Colombian company that offers a line of cosmetic natural ingredients based on the research and development of natural extracts from the colombian biodiversity, specially from the andes and the amazonía.the high quality, sustainability and social approach are their pillars.