Our company is dedicated to representing international companies and the distribution of their products in the Colombian market. It was founded in 1992 by its current partners, chemistry professionals who have been in charge of the Company since its inception. The guiding principle from the beginning has been representing companies of the highest level and putting them in service of the market with high-quality products and permanent technical support. The segment of the market in which we have developed our work is that of active ingredients and natural raw materials, especially for the cosmetics market. We are also working in the pharmaceutical, food and dietary supplements sectors.

We offer high-quality products that feature adequate and complete information in order to supplier assistance to our clients’ developments. We have technical, professional, timely and effective; such as formulation guides, marketing strategies design, permanent information on trends, recommendations for new developments, etc.

We work directly with the manufacturing laboratories. The raw materials arrive from the suppliers to our warehouses and then to the clients without going through any kind of manipulation such as repackaging, sample-taking, etc. This has been established in our policy in order to guarantee the quality of the products to our clients and their good handling to our suppliers.

Our offices and warehouses are located in Bogotá, but we attend to clients across the country through our sales network.